JEL23652-Blackford, Sheila P3 (2)   By Sheila Blackford   ©2009   What a great story to read in the News Times of the Oregon Central Coast: “Laptop Software Leads to Arrest.” A laptop that had LoJack anti-theft tracking software installed on it was reported stolen May 11 in a burglary in Otis, Oregon. The trooper worked with the LoJack company and determined a location of computer internet activity over in Woodburn, Oregon. December 2, Oregon State Police investigators from Salem and Lincoln City along with state troopers and Woodburn police served the search warrant that led to the recovery of the stolen laptop and fake social security cards and arrest of two men at the Woodburn residence where “Deputy LoJack” had tracked the stolen laptop signaling activity. They are continuing to investigate who was involved with the Otis burglary and the stolen laptop ending up in Woodburn.

It is nice to hear that a stolen laptop could be tracked and further criminal activity discovered due to a simple software program that costs just $25 a year for the standard version or $35 for the premium edition which will allow the remote deletion of personal or sensitive files from a stolen computer. If Santa is wondering what to bring lawyers with laptops, check into getting LoJack onto your computer here: Dear Santa, Please bring me LoJack for my laptop.