JEL23652-Blackford, Sheila P3 (2)  by Sheila Blackford    ©2009   I am a big fan of the resources that the ABA provides. I joined while in law school and am pleased to see that law students can still join for $25 and enjoy additional section membership free for 21 different sections, including the Law Practice Management Section which certainly helps me to help Oregon lawyers with marketing, managment, technology, and finance questions. Law students can join other sections very affordable at rates from $3 to $20. It is a great way to explore professional support opportunities in substantive areas of the law. If you are a law student who is interested in joining the ABA and exploring membership in various sections, click here.

What may not be widely known is that the ABA offers free membership to lawyers in their first year of original admission to the bar. What a boost to start your professional life. If you are in your first year of admission to the bar, click here.

At this time of year, lawyers are gearing up to pay their mandatory PLF assessment and Oregon State Bar dues. As an aside, please remember that you can pay your Oregon State Bar dues by credit or debit card online. Do not get confused and think this applies to the PLF: you cannot pay your PLF assessment by credit card or debit card or online. Get your PLF payment into the mail so that it is received by the due date.

Today it may not be difficult to join the ABA on top of these expenses. In fact, it could be free!
Today I received four ABA Membership Gift Cards that will give current non-members a complimentary six-month membership in the ABA through August 31, 2010. I only have four complimentary memberships to give away and I have to give them away by January 31, 2010. First four Oregon attorneys to contact me get one of these ABA Membership Gift Cards. Happy New Year.