JEL23652-Blackford, Sheila P3 (2)   by Sheila Blackford   ©2010   December 1st. The first day of the last month in the year, 2010. Some lawyers are wondering if they should continue trying to launch their new law firm. It is important to realize that it is hard work running your own law firm.

Conventional wisdom is it takes three years to successfully launch a new business. Three years can be a scary long time when the clients aren’t coming to you fast enough. How can you stay the course?

Consider doing some contract lawyering or contract paralegal work in addition to working on your own client matters. The PLF has some helpful materials under “Contract Lawyering” in their Practice Aids and Forms category online at and there is a helpful CLE titled “Practical Contract Lawyering” that gives you a total of 4.0 MCLE credits – .75 general, 2.5 general or practical skills, and .75 ethics. Helpful, free… what could be better than this? Call the PLF and ask to speak to one of us practice management advisors! 503-639-6911 or toll free in Oregon at 1-800-452-1639 and ask for me, Dee, Beverly. We’re here to help you stay the course.