JEL23652-Blackford, Sheila P3 (2)   by Sheila Blackford   ©2011    Here at the PLF we are fond of checklists as a tool for loss prevention. Busy lawyers and their staff will find lots of checklists among the 41 different categories of practice aids and forms.

Here is an important checklist you may not have written down.
1. Check that your cell phone – especially Smart Phone– has a password to access it and use it.

2. Check that you have a remote device tracking and data-wipe application installed for your phone and your laptop.

3. Check that your laptop has a secure WiFi if using public WiFi spots.

4. Check that your password is a “strong” password and change it often and different variations for different locations.

5. Check that your cell phone is still on your hip, that your laptop is safely in its bag in your immediate control, and that all those gizmo and gadgets are all tucked away safely where you want them to be.”

Client confidentiality is helped with a checklist for the security of your electronic gizmos and gadgets.